Loss of resistance syringe

Loss of resistance (LOR) syringes are a vital tool used in the epidural procedure where a local anesthetic is administered into the epidural space around the spinal cord. Looking similar to a standard 3 piece syringe but with much lower frictional properties, a LOR syringe requires high volume production, high quality tooling, precision injection moulding, complex multi-stage assembly, and rigorous quality control. Continuity of supply is essential for this safety critical device.
Sovrin solution

  • ISO 14644 Class 8 moulding and assembly
  • Multi impression, fast cycling tooling
  • Specialist mould tool maintenance
  • All electric Fanuc 150T presses with servo robot take out.
  • Fully automated assembly
  • ATEX controls within a cleanroom environment
  • Pre-coating
  • Precision silicone dosing
  • Automated camera inspection
  • 100% critical to quality function testing
  • Precision friction force measurement
  • Extensive validation
  • Supply chain management
  • High volume production
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