Mould Tool Manufacture & Servicing

Precision toolmaking is crucial to the efficient production of quality injection moulded components.

In-house design and manufacture of injection mould tools ensures that every detail of the component design is precisely reproduced whilst incorporating the specific needs of the selected polymer.

Key points

  • Design, manufacture and development of precision injection mould tools.
  • CAD/CAM integrated design facility.
  • Moldflow analysis to support product design for manufacture and material selection
  • CNC machining facilities
  • Toolroom accredited to ISO 13485:2016.
  • Validation of new and transferred mould tools.
  • Project management of larger suites of tools during manufacture by approved sub-contractors
  • Modifications and planned preventative maintenance of mould tools

Sovrin Plastics provides injection moulding and contract manufacturing services for
the supply of precision plastic components and assemblies to the medical, electronics and engineering industries.

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